Pigeonhole is off the beaten track...

I know we haven't ventured into recommended retail territory for a while so here is some retail therapy I know you will love...
Perth's Pigeonhole - describes its wares as 'off beat design found off the beaten track'. Pigeonhole has 3 stores as well as a web-store, the London Court Store is pictured above.

What I love about Pigeonhole is their unique offering of brands that you won't find everywhere, some of them exclusive to Pigeonhole. Brands like Night Owl Paper Goods, an amazing range of wooden note cards [image above] and retro rings from proverb [image below].

And what about these retro-cool phones from Hulger used for Skype [images below] - have to love new technology disguised in vintage form.

If you are in Perth drop by Pigeonhole and discover what other amazing goods Pigeonhole have to offer, or just visit here for more info.
[all images via pigeonhole]