Recommended Retail

Recommended Retail is a new i spy regular - we will feature reviews of interesting retail destinations [design related in either their wares or their amazing fit-out] either online or on the street. If you have any you would like us to feature please let me know [email me or leave a comment]. I am particularly interested in 'revived' retail - unique shops in local shopping strips that have been revived with renewed community support. So here is the first Recommended Retail - enjoy!

Brown Button Trading

Having loved Brown Button [blog] it's great to see Adelaide based Kimberlee launch Brown Button Trading - her new online store. Featuring a few of Kimberlee's favourite things - House Doctor Homewares, Scandinavian woollen soft toys and Zoe BonBon Jewellery to name a few, I am sure this gorgeous online store will continue to grow due to its unique offerings. I love the cards [pictured above] but I am also intrigued by the Italian toothpaste, Marvis - the packaging is fab! I don't think I could squeeze that tube - it would have to be my 'display' toothpaste! Drop into Brown Button Trading and let me know what you think...