Trends Milan: Candy anyone?

More on Milan! Colours that looked like they belonged in a candy store were right at home this year. Brights took on a more sweet appearance ranging from pink and mauve to yellow and orange.

Image above Casamania

Quinze & Milan Make your own furniture stand - promoting their custom production for architects & designers.

Karim Rashid - no surprise in his use of bold colour, I think he may have a bit of a weakness for gorgeous pink shades

Khodi Feiz for Offect - more teeth aching sweetness

Punkalive Avanto Storage units - Love the use of the pale timber with these colours. Punkalive is a brand to watch especially as they are producing quality sustainable products.

Michael Kruijne for Zuiver. I think I had better leave it there and come back to more trends from Milan later. I really want to get my post on DesignEx published - a design trade show that was in Melbourne Last week - I have some great best of show shots for you. Coming soon...[All images via designws]