Formosa is beautiful in any language...

I first saw a Formosa fabric on the dining chairs at Reissued - the lovely redbacked wren & wattle design - and I needed to know more about this fabric and its story.

Formosa, meaning beautiful in latin, creates handprinted textiles of Australian nature in a way that makes them covetable to any discerning fabric lover. The designs are delicate and intricate yet modern and contemporary - just the right amount of pretty.

Jennifer Berney is something to admire, her goal when creating Formosa was to draw attention to Australia's lesser known natives through her gorgeous illustrations, inspiring us to plant native flora to attract the lovely native birds. She also aimed to run a sustainable business being socially & environmentally responsible, in part by using water-based inks and organic cotton/hemp fabric.

It seems Formosa are on hiatus as Jennifer Berney relocates to Asia on a new adventure but I cant wait to see what she does next.

[all images via Formosa]