lets jump right back in...

OK, Im just going to jump right back into it and hope you never even realised I was gone [actually that wouldn't be good, I would prefer it if you had noticed a little]! Lately Ive been busy planning my business - well trying to work out how to write a business plan anyway - have you ever had to do it? It's really quite daunting but it does make you focus on questions you probably hadn't had to answer before like what exactly do you want from your business and where do you want it to be in 12mths? Etc., etc. And - the 'hows' - How am I going to get there? Im not really that good at planning, I am a bit of a doer and tend to jump steps due to impatience so I guess this is a good [and probably necessary] exercise for me.

So I have been trawling the web for help on all of the above and have found, as I usually do [good ol' internet], some great resources. The most exciting stuff was the other entrepreneurs out there offering advice on how to conduct business online. My favourites being Laura Roeder from Laura Roeder.com & April Bowles from Blacksburg Belle. Check them out for yourself they are a bit of an inspiration!

On to the next post - some cool design stuff - I know you just lurvvve that stuff don't you?