Decor in profile - Cyrus Company

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov...

While traveling the States I was definitely on the look out for anything in design, but when I fell upon Cyrus Company in Mercer Street Soho - it was love at first sight. The Italian Company exudes the epitome of what true European craftsmanship and design means to the styling enthusiast….Each piece varies slightly due to the intricacy of detail and attention to quality. The pieces are exaggerated yet elegant. With hints of gold amongst a sea of white, Cyprus certainly knows how to create understated luxury.

I am definitely one for colour - and I find it more exciting than clean simple lines but there is something so eye catching about these pieces - maybe it’s the over exaggeration of the elements making up the designs.

Hello big chair! I love the contrast between organic and inorganic.

Yes, it may be a little garish - but this close up is outstanding.

The same chest of drawers also come with ceramic bows. How precious!

While quite feminine, the strong lines of the furniture create a masculine edge, which I think balances the collection well.

So, to prove my point about this great company I want to go one step further and show you the HH Florence (Hotel Home in Florence). The concept being that guests are made to feel at home in an uncluttered space devoid of the over emphasis of staying in a hotel.

I love the idea of white on white - play with textures and finishes to create interest and depth. Splashes of bright colour will modernise a space. The use of various shades of timber flooring will also alter the ambience of the space. Lighter floors give a floaty, dream like feel, while darker timbers give a grounded feel.

[all images via Cyrus Company]