Inspiring Palettes - Black & White...

By Guest Blogger Daniella Kilov..
The next few images pay respect to the idea that a little goes a long way- thanks to Miami interior designer Nacho Polo who uses a white canvas injected with contrasts of black in varying texture, shape and finish. What an interesting way to create something unique.
I love the contrast between old and new, especially the Moooi Smoke chair. Everything is done in moderation, from the old style mouldings and fireplace to the more modern furniture pieces, just a hint says a thousand words.

I love this image and what it conveys as an interesting space because of all the design elements working to create harmony. Repetition of organic shapes (wall paper, drum-shades) mimics the curved walls and entry ways which softens this contrasting space. The white positive spaces give breath and pause allowing for the impact of the wallpaper to be effective.

Love this idea and so easy to achieve. I would go one step further using the frames as they are on the wall in the image- hang beautiful objects, ceramic feathers [from Have You Met Miss Jones?] and create an installation that is forever changing.
[images above via nacho polo]
What a contrast to Polo’s interiors. This space is so experimental and bold. Isn’t it amazing how different applications of the same palette can create such dramatically different spaces?
[image above Domino Magazine via Cerise Pink]

Here the contrast is more subtle as there is a balance between white and black. Using a darker floor also helps ground the space.
[image above via Woodson & Rummerfield]