Lightly give flight...

I have always loved the work of Melbourne based design house Lightly. Their tabletop range is probably most well known, it helped form the trend of 'hard lace' a couple of years ago with the launch of their signature acrylic pieces inspired by lace or doilies [such as Rosie Bowl]. Cindy-Lee Davies, the designer behind Lightly, has created a range of beautifully crafted objects that all play on nostalgia. Each piece, in its own way is a modern take on memories from more romantic times.

At the moment I am coveting Chrysalis - a project that recycles saucers which are reborn as lovely butterflies. They are also available as exclusive collector editions using Willow, Dolton, Meakin etc plates. Equally as beautiful are the Swallows designed using the same principle, and the Chrysalis Glass collection [shown bottom].

[images via Lightly]