Bright Pirate is a shining light...

I love the use of found objects and recycling vintage or discarded materials, so Bright Pirate really caught my eye. The artist and designer behind Bright Pirate creates items that make use of materials such as hair, leather, tea bags and old books to name a few. Above is one of the gorgeous creations, the band top, which uses rubber bands in the most lovely way to form lace or crochet like detail.

The amazing necklace below is crafted with vintage radio wires, while above are patchwork pillows using scrap vintage silk.

These one off Croccandle sticks are the mallets of a vintage crochet set.

There is something so authentic and special about design that uses materials with a past life. Bright Pirate clearly injects passion and love into each object created. See more Bright Pirate here and visit here if you would like to buy.

[all images via Bright Pirate]