Polli : i spy find

Earrings are so difficult to store, I know - I have many of them and they seem to be stashed all over the house and none of the spots I have for them serve me well, they are tangled or one is missing or I forgot I had that pair - well you get the picture. I have seen the acrylic earring organisers but never really loved the idea of displaying them like that. Enter the Polli jewellery stands that I spied at Life Instyle. Now, I would be more than happy to display this on my bedside table, and what a cute ornament this would be in a young gals room? The one shown above is Gum Tree in white, they also have a jungle and a coral version but I think I love the white one best.

Polli also do a gorgeous range of jewellery such as the Toile pendant and Nouveau pendant both in stainless steel, shown above.

I do also adore this greeting card which is transformed into a lovely hanging decoration, very cute! Visit Polli here. [All images via Polli website]