Port Douglas - a surprise holiday...

OK, so number one rule to blogging is after a period of absence - dont bother with apologies just get on with it!- so no apologies but maybe just a quick explanation...
I was all ready to start on Part 2 of the MIFGS post when my [wonderful] husband announces I should start packing, we were leaving on a surprise holoday with a mystery desitination! Knowing how much I love a good surprise Adam [said husband] had booked a family getaway and kept it all to himself until the day before we had to leave. So to cut a long story short, and leaving out the parts where we almost missed the flight and our bags didnt make it to Carns at the same time as us - we have spent an amazing week in Port Douglas, during which I kept myself away from the computer [most of the time] and discovered Port Douglas to be one of the most gorgeous destinations I have experienced. Now, without trying to become a travel blog I want to share with you what I loved about Port Douglas as it was a place worthy of writing about.
We stayed at the very new and quite gorgeous Coconut Grove, complete with our own rooftop pool, right on Macrossan Street and literally a stones throw from the beach - perfect on all accounts! [Did I mention that my husband was wonderful?!!] Port Douglas is still a relatively small town so it doesn't feel over commercialised and the locals are very friendly. There are so many great places to eat or just relax with a coffee - I found one of the newer coffee places quite amusing - re:hab with 're:hab rules' listed and the numbers you are given to take to your table refer to you as 'patient 1' etc. and display a little red cross symbol.
The beach (4 mile beach) is clean, perfect for long walks and the water was about 27 degrees Celsius, lovely and warm. The Mirage Marina (whilst in desperate need of an upgrade aesthetically) is your gate way to the Great Barrier Reef or Low Isles on one of the many cruises that leave in the morning for a day out on the crystal clear water.

There are lots of great tourist attractions and natural wonders within easy reach of Port Douglas such as Barron Gorge, Mossman Gorge [above] & Cape Tribulation but the best thing about Port Douglas is you can just stay within its boundaries and still enjoy some wonderful sites - head up to the lookout for a glorious view, visit the Rainforest Habitat to see amazing birds and other native Australian's such as crocodiles and kangaroos up close, take the Bally Hooley cane train ride which runs every Sunday through local mangroves.
But I think what I loved most about Port Douglas was the combination of all the things the town has to offer and its unique location making it feel as though I was on a small tropical island and ultimately it was just too hard to do anything but relax! Now - back to blogging, part 2 of the MIFGS coming up!

Croc image by Cruiz Leech
Thank you Adam for a most memorable family holiday, can't wait for the next surprise!! x